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What to look for when purchasing a battery for backup power.

What to look for when purchasing a battery during load shedding conditions?

The cycle life of batteries is the number of charge and discharge cycles that a UPS battery or Inverter battery can complete before losing performance. With our countries load shedding, design life can almost be ignored. As a battery importer and supplier, we have had to take drastic measures and import a range of batteries which can supply 700 to 1200 cycles (at 50% Depth of Discharge DOD) to combat Eskom’s declining power production. The previous batteries that worked well in the past as standby batteries are now failing within 1-2 years as they have less than 500 cycles at 50% DOD.

Load shedding in 2020 has been the worst on record with an average of around 500 hours of load shedding. Therefore we urge clients to not look at design life, cheapest battery they can find, and the word of a salesman. Have a look at the specification sheets of the battery you wish to purchase and aim for 500 cycles+ at 50% DOD to get the most value in these unstable times.