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Cooper Power strives to be the leader in power protection and power backup technology in South Africa.

The benefits of our UPS Battery Backup Systems

Looking for backup power for load shedding and also various other power failures?  Shop our selection of inverter-battery backup power systems for home or office.


Load shedding doesn’t need to suggest lights out at your home or organization. Currently there’s a series of efficient, and also budget-friendly load-shedding remedies to maintain you turned on. Whether you call for battery backup, renewable resources or a blend, we have the know-how and products to create a bundle to fit your unique requirements and your pocket.

Backup power choices for load shedding


you are able to keep yourself working while using battery-powered appliances, such as a laptop computer or mobile phone, after that your finest alternative is a little uninterruptible power supply (UPS).


A battery back-up system that can charge when power is available and then supply electricity during an outage is among the very best solutions to combat load-shedding.


When installing a battery backup system, you will most likely require some load splitting. This is the process of dividing all electrical loads into the vital loads (to be powered by the inverter and batteries during load shedding) and also the non-essential loads (that will not have power throughout load shedding).

For battery back-up systems, Gel batteries are suggested over lead-acid (deep cycle AGM) batteries. Gel batteries have a higher upfront cost, yet last one decade or more compared with the two-to-three-year lifespan of lead-acid batteries.



When it pertains to battery back-up systems, there are numerous options on the market, Accommodating a range of spending plans and power needs. If you are looking for a long-term solution to make certain power throughout load shedding, a battery backup system is an excellent option to take into consideration.



To run a business in a difficult climate ends up being also harder when dealing with routine power cuts. Whether functioning from home or in the office, with load shedding seemingly right here to stay, setting up a battery backup remedy is a no-brainer as well as a must-have for virtually any kind of organization to make sure connection and secure productivity.



South Africans that can not manage a fully-fledged back-up power system, have a variety of cheaper choices readily available, that can keep specific crucial devices powered throughout load-shedding.

The amount of backup time is established by the dimension of the connected battery bank as well as the load drawn from the system. The backup time is straight in proportion to the load attracted. The back-up time is normally calculated at full load (i.e. if the system is a 2200VA system, complete load is 2200VA). If you eliminate a few of the linked loads, then the backup time will be prolonged as necessary.


The first thing we require to know is that load shedding will be part of our lives for several years ahead. The second point to become aware of is that it will certainly worsen before it improves. The next thing to know is that we have no choice yet to handle the circumstance according to our own detailed requirements.


Most of the time, inverter/ battery systems supply superior efficiency as well as substantial expense savings when contrasted to generators. Taking into consideration the efficiency of modern-day, strong state inverters, generators have definite drawbacks in numerous locations.